How does the brand activation works?

UPDATED: February 28, 2021

Have you seen an advertisement for any product on television? If you have seen then it is a type of brand activation work.

Brand activation can help companies gain trust and recognition among their customers. By engaging directly with their target customers and enabling them to experience their goods first-hand, marketers may expect to see a major rise in revenue and consumer loyalty.

Steps involved in brand activation:

Above-the-line Promotion

Above the line promotions help a company reach large numbers of people by using media such as television and radio. Examples of this operation are the TV advertisements we see every day. They help spread the word about a specific product on the market, thereby helping to Alexei Orlov activate the Brand and target customers. But while the over-the-line ads have a mass scope that helps to increase exposure, they lack any form of direct customer participation. And this is not good for any company, since trustworthiness and customer loyalty are equally critical.

Important Leadership Qualities

Below-the-line Promotion

Below-the-line promotional activities where customers have direct interest and engagement. They help the brand directly sell its products to individuals and gain valuable feedback on them. Events, trade shows, and dealer-level activities will be a few good examples of the Below line activities.

Using below-the-line promotions, a company will clearly illustrate to its target consumers that its product is the greatest. Customers may take samples of the product to find out for themselves whether or not the promises made in television advertisements are true. And if the product is strong enough, the company will be able to prove it now.

It has been shown that Alexei Orlov below-the-line promotions are more successful than above-the-line sales promotions in the brand activation campaign. But, in my view, both of them are equally critical for an overall successful brand activation campaign.

Hope you have understood how brand activation works and make utilize it properly.

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