A brief study about Hamed Wardak

UPDATED: January 9, 2020

HamedWardak is regarded as the forefront for the American refugees. He instigates the new generation to something good for the future. He was born in 1977 in Kabul Afghanistan and later on in his youth age he moved to the United States. His father was an Afghan Defence Minister and was a national resistance leader and also fought for the soviets. Wardak received his vision from his father Abdul. Wardak attended Georgetown University in Washington and he graduated in 1997 in Government and Political Theory.

The career of HamedWardak

Later in his life, he returned to Afghanistan to help the needy people of the Afghan Civil War. Hamed Wardak worked in mergers and acquisitions in New York. He mainly worked in Avaya acquisition of VPNET and Veeco Instruments acquisition. He was also the managing director of International Operations for Technologists. Wardak is regarded as one of the founders of CUSAP.

Wardak and music

Wardak has his music that helped to bring the people at a certain place and hold them firmly. He believed that music is one thing in this world that can easily help in communication between people of all classes and religions. Wardak helped in realizing that music can help in self-help. When people started thinking that music is a kind of spiritual belief and is very important for life, he did not clear this doubt of people.

Hamed Wardak is called Valet of Wicked which is a newfound music career apart from his business. Wicked is everything, not only the good thing but also the hardships of life. The word Valen means honor. He believed that it is up to the person whether he wants to show the honor towards someone or the wickedness inside him. Hamed chose his wicked side and he dedicated that into his music which is loved by people. Hamed himself always stayed motivated and helped in keeping people motivated.

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