Best Practices in Providing Property Management Services for Agents

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UPDATED: November 8, 2019

Any good professional property management agent should strive to provide flexible, functional and efficient management services. It is a good practice to promote openness, trust and harmony between all parties involved in property management, and the desire to always exceed customer expectations.

In general, it is accepted that closer cooperation with all participants is the most effective way to achieve results and ensure that real estate and its managing agent accreditation in singapore are maintained in accordance with agreed quality standards.

 There are many aspects to achieve this, which include:

Property maintenance: scheduled maintenance, access to competent independent contractors at competitive prices.

Costs: set and agree limits.

Service charge management: all aspects of property service charges are covered by our services

Budgets: annual budgets, taking into account the needs of the heritage, the rent and the wishes of the residents. Customer service and response are professional, diplomatic, responsive and concise.

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Cash flow: payment of services and land rental payments to meet financial obligations.

Customer reports and reports are regular reports presented in an easy-to-read format.

Construction insurance: the organization of building insurance under lease and property, and the coverage that accompanies the management company is an important element of our property management services.

Lease management: compliance with the lease obligations is fair and clear to all parties.


Secretarial Services is a secretary of a specialized company that offers to help you manage your leased or managed company. The duties of a company secretary generally include working with all legal requirements related to the company, contacting officers and accountants on behalf of the company, and submitting and completing an annual report to the Chamber of Registration. Please request more information.

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