What is PPSR?

UPDATED: September 1, 2018

It is an electronic register that allows lenders and businesses to registertheir personal properties as security interests. Every individual of Australia has registered their properties under ppsr security act and since 2012 they catered their services for more than 300,000 clients. The Personal Property Securities Register can be approached through online searching, and itdoes registration and maintenance for financing firms.

The Australian Official electronic register is maintained by the Australian Government Agency for administration and check reports on vehicle:  car, motorcycle, caravan, truck etc. It is widely used by creditors and consumers to register their personal properties. In Australia the VIN number of registered vehicles starts from NSW, QLD and VID followed by digits. Thus the Vehicle Identification Number registered consists of 17 characters which are the main source of identification of any vehicle.

Who is eligible to use PPSR?

All the financial institutions like banks and financing firms who provide loans and receive security interest for an item of personal property can avail this facility.

ppsr check

Any small scale or large scale businesses who sell their personal property on credit, shipment or on retention of title arrangement can utilize their service.

The consumers who are willing to purchase personal property for their own use, and stands as valuable second goods use this facility to make sure the property is free of a security interest. For example their personal property may include art, vehicles like cars, trucks etc, crops and livestock, plant and machinery, inventory and shares etc. The other type of personal property holds accounts, investment instruments, intellectual property or licenses.

It is thus used to identify the risk factors against the property in case of debtor default or liquidation towards the creditor. In simple way it helps to monitor the risks or debts on existing security interests.

Recently,the vehicle check certificate is issued to the customers under ppsr authority act and REVs, which means Register of Encumbered Vehicle Services online after thorough verification of the vehicle via electronic register.


Check VIN is one of the websites of Australia that provides its services for Australian Government and benefits its people to stay away from debtor and creditors as well.  The Official Australian government is thus active through this electronic register and the REVs check report of the vehicle to know if it has any debts earlier or was handled by any other person.Thus the secured parties and potential secured parties both are now using this electronic register by entering the VIN number and REVs report that let you know the vehicle history provided by the official government body.


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