Three major reasons to face obesity

UPDATED: April 13, 2018

Obesity is a major problem in some of the nations. More than 7 of the 10 kids of US and UK and 5 of 10 in UAE and Australia are suffering from obesity. WHO declared alarm for these states. There are some other nations too, who are suffering from the disease. Most importantly, the problem has been escalated to the level of adults. The most important fact in this area has been the cause of the obesity. Research is going on with the obesity and there from three important outcomes came, which are responsible for the disease in the kids and the adults.

Storing excess calorie

The first reason has been the excess calorie in the body. The foods found in the stalls and in the different fast food centers are enriched with calorie these days, and this excess calorie has been creating the menace. The consumption of the calories exceeding the output level and this excess calorie causes obesity for the kids and in the adults too. The calorie support is thus to be controlled at the very beginning stage. Get the help from a dietician in thus aspect for your kid, so that he or she does not suffer from this disease which can cause diabetes and can even lead to death at a young age.

Seating more minimizes calorie loss

The second important reason regarding obesity is the life style of today’s people. The children remain focused at the video games and at the computers. This made them focused at the seats so much that they are losing the chance to shred the excess calories from their body and thus they are facing the obesity related problems. In the adults, the problem is growing faster. They are so much bogged down at the table jobs, that the same problem of excess calorie is creating the obesity related problems in them.

Sleeping less

The different time schedules of the work are also hampering the health of the men and women. Working at the late night on daily basis decreases the sleeping hour and that is causing the obesity in the adults. Sleep is also a problem in the children too. The parents of them come so late from the office that they often remain awake till late night and thus they are facing the problem of obesity. Thus the developed nations are facing more problems regarding that. You can get the best support for the problem by simply controlling the day night schedule and the food habits.

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