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UPDATED: April 13, 2018

Black Hawk Supply provides best actuators and valves manufactured by Belimo. Belimo is the world leader in design and manufacture of the electric damper actuators and valve technology that was used in commercial HVAC market. Belimo company was started up in the year 1975 in Switzerland, and from then it is committed in delivering energy efficient and cost-effective products. Black Hawk supply provides Belimo actuators & valves at an affordable cost. It offers wide range of products and services. Black Hawk supply offers a wide range of energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC systems that are heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They also offer best dehumidifying products, air cleaning products, services, parts support, advanced building controls and financing solutions. Black Hawk Supply systems and services have leading positions in commercial, institutional, residential and industrial markets. Black Hawk Supply products are well known for their reliability, high quality, and product innovation.

Belimo actuators

Black Hawk Supply provides two-way, and three-way motorized control Belimo actuators & valves that can be used in precise water control applications. Belimo actuators are the largest selling actuator solution in HVAC market. For best control, they are also provided with equal percentage Valve characteristics. At Black Hawk Supply, you can avail highly efficient actuators and valves made by Belimo company which is the worldwide leader in manufacturing actuator and valve technology in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It offers a complete range of products from one Belimo source and offers excellent value for money.

Belimo actuators are provided with open and close, modulating or three-point control for AC / DC 24 V and AC 110 V / 230 V nominal voltages. Specially designed fire and smoke extraction dampers increase the safety and security, while volumetric flow control systems offer the individual room comfort. By Belimo valves, costs are reduced, and energy consumption is decreased. They offer more performance at low cost.

With a consistent focus on market needs Black Hawk Supply has been setting high standards in HVAC actuators and valves technology since its establishment. At Black Hawk supply, customer demands and needs are met quickly and flexibly. Every actuator and valve available at Black Hawk Supply are subjected to an individual test and thorough inspection before delivery. They provide you with a nearly five-year warranty on their entire product range. Black Hawk supply company is one of the top-rated HVAC professionals, and they offer outstanding advantages over their competitors with premium top-notch HVAC systems, equipment, tools, parts, business solutions and knowledge. At Black Hawk Supply, you can get wholesale prices on all the HVAC system parts.

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