It’s Time to Change Your Barber Chair

UPDATED: May 31, 2018

Best buy list to complete your station design

The trend of the hairstyles has been developed rapidly. At the most recent decade, influenced of African style on European and American style has created a remarkable hair look. Furthermore, this new model spread out and become a model for our emerging generation. If your customers are coming from this new age, then they apparently want to transform their hairstyle into the latest trend. This could be reflected in the design tone of the combination of your barber stations and chairs.

Barber Chair

Among all of the options on the market, there is a list of best buy product at more affordable prices and easy to order. This article reviews those products based on the recent update.

  1. Exacme, feature of hydraulic recline

Although this chair is designed for a premium class, the price is quite affordable. It is present on a black and white design which is ideally suitable to fit with your minimalist station. It contains of amazing features, such as cover is made of faux leather;a heavy-duty steel to support 330 pounds of body weight; swivel ability to rotate; fully ergonomic design; and could be lifted by hydraulic system for height adjustment.

  1. Multi purposes hydraulic chair

Another choice is a black chair type. It could achieve multipurpose things but still in a budget range that suitable for a beginner and good to combine with a wall mounted barber stations. It utilizes a hydraulic system to adjust the height. There is a footrest on the bottom part of the chair and could swivel to rotate following your barber direction. Furthermore, this chair able to support up to 260 pounds which good to support customer weight from kids up to an adult person.

  1. Stainless Steel chair

The next stainless steel options made to equip you with more durability on a classic style. It is worthier to arrange this seat with the classic type of stations too with 1900s look to create an old fashion design. If you invite customers majorly from a traditional age, such as an executive or successful businessman, it might be a sturdy chair to choose. This chair designed with a maximum comfort through the ergonomic saddle, high-quality leather cushion, and a rigid body to have more stability during swivel rotation. It has the ability to adapt the backrest reclining, and then adjust your height by its hydraulic system. All of these benefits make this chair becomes a favorite option among other best buy offers.

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