How to Prevent Your Instagram Account From Being Hacked!

UPDATED: September 10, 2018

Every day I see more and more people whose Instagram accounts were compromised and started spamming their direct message followers, who then get infected, some might say hacked, although that is not the case.

Here’s how your account is at risk and how to prevent it, please send or read the article, the more you know how to avoid that, sooner than, as a community, we can stop it.

The attack is a trick of trust and works in two parts.

Part 1 – People who follow and continue, I believe.

An already compromised account sends you a direct message that looks like one of them.

he has. it’s you?

Wow watch this

What is your IQ?

or variations on the above topics, they all have one thing in common, they are not specific to you! This is a great clue that a real message would not be so short and would contain more information or a comment from the person sending it.

Part 2: It’s like Instagram.com, so it should be Instagram!

Instagram hack

The second part of the trust trick includes the URL added to the Instagram (I deleted them from the previous examples to protect you). By clicking on the link, thinking that you are going to watch a video of yourself or perform an “intelligence test”, you have sent a duplicate Instagram.com.

Your first instinct is to consider what you think is true, if it looks like Instagram.com, should it be right on Instagram? Incorrect! modest swindler made a duplicate of the Instagram site, but on his own server, when he connects, he will copy his Instagram / username and password and send him on a real Instagram.com.

Its not convincing, maybe a little confused as to where the “IQ Test” was, but probably hiding it as a technical problem and nothing else they will think about.

Now you are part of the problem and send fake messages to your followers, and the cycle begins again and again!

Stop putrefaction, do not click on the link!

So, now we know how this happens to avoid falling into a trap, really simple, do not click on the link first. If you get a DM with a DM link, the person will come back and check if they actually sent it.

This is especially true if I did not expect a link from this person or did not have contact with them for a while.

Remember that this Instagram hack can only work if users continue to click on a link and enter their data on these fake Instagram websites to help their followers and help Instagram to be more careful with the link sent to you through direct messages.

The alternative is to damage your brand, since your account infects all your followers. If your account has been compromised, change your password or ask to reset your password from the Instagram support site.

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