Cryptocurrency Mining and Exchange – An Overview

UPDATED: August 7, 2018

The term ‘Cryptocurrency’ is ruling the world’s financial market today. It is the virtual currency that a user can hold in his virtual cryptocurrency wallet and use it in exchange for currencies, products or services. Cryptocurrency helps to make secure money payments without having to go to the banks. Cryptocurrency trading in the financial piyasacilar is based on the value of the virtual currency that is not constant and keeps fluctuating. The buyers and sellers agree upon a fair value and trade for it.

virtual currency

The BlockChain Technology behind cryptocurrency

The ‘Blockchain technology’ is a wonderful innovation, which allows the digital information to be distributed and not let copied for all cryptocurrency transactions. It was originally developed as an accounting system for bitcoins but nowadays used in many virtual areas for its awe potentiality. This technology eliminates the need for a third party to process and record payments. All completed transactions are recorded into blocks into the blockchain and verified by the Bitcoin user alone.

What is Crypto-Mining

The world of crypto is run by crypto-mining. Crypto-Mining is a process in which the virtual bitcoin transactions are verified and added as blocks to the blockchain/public ledger which should have the miner’s proof of work. The blockchain network is run by the miners to whom each and every transaction is made public. Anyone can do crypto-mining if he has the required hardware in the computer and internet connection. The steps involved in cryptomining are converting the verified transactions into blocks and try solving complex puzzle. One get to place the next block after solving this puzzle and get rewards/payments in the form transaction fees or newly released bitcoin. The reward for mining a block is 12.5 bitcoins.

Crypto-Mining Jobs

Crypto-mining has now become a good business for avid cryptography lovers. To become a crypto-miner, one must have the complete mining kit. It includes graphics card, a processor, memory, power supply, internet, cabling, cryptocurrency mining software package and a cooling fan. Cloud miners are those who do mining without any hardware but using a cloud. With advancement in technology, the demand for blockchain based job in demanding and on the rise. More money is invested on the blockchain based start-ups. So, one can get into a lucrative crypto-mining career with a keen interest and knowledge on cryptocurrency transactions.

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