Ted Farnsworth And His Plans Of Making Movies In Central NY

UPDATED: March 3, 2021

Ted Farnsworth is one of the biggest names that people look up to. Farnsworth was able to build a name for himself and has brought companies into success. That is why people want to know more about him; when he recently announced that he is coming back with new projects, his fans were excited for him. So if you want to know more about Ted Farnsworth, then you have come to the right place.

Farnsworth Comeback In Motion Pictures

In April 2020, Ted Farnsworth, the man who built MoviePass, announced his comeback with his new company Fortress Entertainment Group Corp. He says that his company got into a three-picture deal with Damascus Road Productions. These films will underscore the various aspects of World War II with the emphasis on the Holocaust.

Introducing, “Resolve”

‘Resolve’ is the first movie on this project with a $16-million budget. It is an action/adventure film that tells the true story of Clay Conner Jr., who led the band in the Philippines who avoided getting captured by the Japanese for 34 months in the jungle. He steered clear of the Bataan Death March formed by a guerilla fighting unit of G.I.s, Filipinos, and the indigenous natives.

Once the COVID-19 related bans are lifted, Resolve’s principal photography will begin. The production in Syracuse, New York, Los Angeles, and Manila, Philippines will also follow. The film distribution for Resolve will be through Smith Global Media and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Ted Farnsworth’s Road to Success

Even at such a young age, Farnsworth already knows that business success is what he is after. He proved to himself at 13-years-old that he will never work for someone else. And that he will be his boss. You see, his family owned a restaurant back in the day. He has seen its success, so when the restaurant closes for the day, he opens his chicken with business.

And when he moved to Florida, he started his profitable businesses. He owned parking lots and used what he earned, and invested it into other companies. That largest by far was a call center for infomercials, commercials, as well as a direct response on television. And from here, he was able to become a huge investor in his early 20s. RedZone was one of his enormous successes, and this is when he came across with MoviePass.

There is a bright future ahead for Ted Farnsworth. And those people who believe in his skills and capabilities in running a business are genuinely looking forward to his new projects. And that includes his recent endeavors in the motion picture.

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