Many options to choose from while investing

UPDATED: June 11, 2021

Most of the people like to save money that why they keep some amount of money aside so that it can used at the time of emergency. But if you invest the fund smartly than you can double you’re saving amount. It is not that easy to find which investment is right for you. If you are really serious about the investment than it is better you first talk to financial advisor like Gabe Plotkin to guide you. Let us see types of investment which can suit in your case.

  • Stocks: It is the most common type of investment done by people. It is also called as shares and equities. In this people buy stocks from the reputed publically traded companies and this they do in hope that once the stock price is increased they can resell the stock with higher prices and earn the profit.
  • Bonds: By buying bonds you are lending money to the entities. An investor will lend some amount of money for fixed particular time. He will be getting the interest for the lend money and after the contract time is over then the investor will get back his actual or principal amount back.

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  • Mutual funds: A mutual fund is a pool of money, which is invested by many investors. The mutual funds are of two types one is actively manages fund and the other one is passively managed fund. In actively managed fund the fund manager will be responsible to invest the investor’s money in such place that they will get good returns. In passively managed funds it is simple as it just tracks the stock market index.
  • Certificate of deposit: It is the least risked investment and also very simple. You just need to invest some particular amount for a fixed time period and after that time period you will get your actual amount with the fixed interest amount. The long the tenure period is the more profit or interest you will get.
  • Retirement plans: There many different types of retirement plans most of us get this retirement plan sponsored by the employer. If you do not have such privilege than you can plan your own retirement plan. It is nothing different from the other investment plans.
  • Annuities: Most of the people use this type of investment for retirement plans. You buy an insurance policy and you will get payments on periodic bases. They come in different verities few last till the death of a person or few only for some fixed time period. These annuities are either linked to the market or they can be a simple insurance policy.


Finally, there are many types of investments the investors can put their assets. Each investment has its own risk and profits so invest smartly.

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