Knowing the Skill Areas of a Police Officer

UPDATED: May 3, 2021

Analysis of National Police Association

The most important concept to be learned by the filling nation is that their policing needs to be transparent and accountable. In many countries, the issue of transparency is not understood by the police. They are used for decisions made in secret and behind closed doors. Discussions about the appointment of officers and their appointments are considered something that cannot be shared with anyone. This is simply because they do not take into account their actions as individuals.

The National Police Association should be accountable to the citizens and their representatives. This means that when people are arrested or detained, or when homes or businesses are searched – there should be reports on these events that can be accessed by people. These reports should be taken into a timely fashion within a few days of the event. This does not mean that citizens should obtain information about ongoing investigations where suspects have not been arrested.

National Police Association

Why the Police Exam is Important

The National Police Association also needs to be accountable to the law and the nation. How the police work should be documented, and whatever they do should be within the law. The police are the servants of the nation and its citizens. They should have systems that investigate complaints to the police. There should be an agency outside the police that can investigate the police.

It is necessary to avoid the duty and “good boys” systems in the police. National Police Association appointments and promotional procedures should be open for scrutiny. Now only very closed societies have systems in which citizens cannot pay attention to promotion and appointment. This does not mean that any police officer can view the employee’s file, but the selection process requires:

  1. Be a process
  1. Documentation of the process

National Police Association agencies should be open to scrutiny by budget management and various bodies that can oversee this process. How the police deliver their money is a very important issue. This is where you get rid of corruption with the police. Inspection bodies should report their findings to anyone other than the unit or organization for which the police work.

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