About Gabriel Plotkin and his business

UPDATED: May 25, 2021


Gabriel Plotkin is a trader and entrepreneur from the United States who formed Melvin Capital Management LP. He is the current Chief Investment Officer of the hedge fund that he founded. Gabe Plotkin, according to Wikipedia, is a college graduate. He enrolled at North-western University and began taking classes there. In 2001, he graduated from there with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Gabriel obtained a position with SAC Capital after he graduated from North-western. He was formally known as a dealer. He was in charge of overseeing a consumer stock portfolio. He was in the order of stocks worth around $1.3 billion, so it was a job with a lot of responsibility.

Career and entrepreneurship of Gabe Plotkin

Plotkin quit SAC to start his own business toward the end of 2014. Melvin Capital, a fund named after his late grandpa, was formed by him. Gabe Plotkin helped the fundraise over one billion dollars. The fund returned 47 percent in its first year, placing it second on Bloomberg’s 2015 list of top-performing funds with more than $1 billion under management.

 Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Manager

Melvin Capital has $12.5 billion with assets under management as of January 2021. The funds were primarily invested in technology and consumer stocks. Melvin focuses on the consumer and technology industries, with clients such as GameStop, AutoZone, and Expedia.

The majority of the investments are long, meaning that stock in firms that generate employment, boost the economy, and develop new items for customers is purchased. This technique is carried out after a significant fundamental study, and when the study convinces you that a firm will expand in line with your expectations, you should make a long-term investment.

When analysis indicates that a firm will not perform as expected and its stock price is overvalued, the shares will be shorted. When it comes to long positions, it is common to practice shorting stock for the long term after conducting significant research. Melvin Capital also shorts stocks since it is their responsibility to protect our investors’ capital when the markets fall.


Gabe Plotkin is brilliant in making decisions and handling situations while understanding the importance of what is right and what is wrong. It’s a significant attribute that hiring from the talented in the industry and competing in the business. Gabe Plotkin believes in the mentality that often is found, and the combination is crucial—according to him, looking at the skillset, which is the element of development.

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