What are the pros and cons of Bluehost and Dreamhost?

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UPDATED: December 8, 2020

If you don’t know about these two then it’s fine, these are web hosting providers. These companies will help you to set up your shop and your products online easily. you can visit their sites too. People who know about these sites should know about Bluehost vs Dreamhost review here before using them so that it will easy to choose the perfect one.

Advantages of Bluehost

You will get here many plans to choose from the basic to pro plans for your site. All the plans you will get are unlimited bandwidth.

You will also get free SSL certificates, marketing credits, Google my Business verification, and many other things if you choose Bluehost.

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If you exclude the basic one then storage will be there, no of sites, parked domains, and some subdomains with unlimited facilities.

If you choose the pro plans then they will offer you free website backup and also full privacy with protection for the domain.


The plans can be expensive for you than Dreamhost and backups are not that guaranteed. You can only go for almost three backup restorations.

And the last con is that after deactivation or deletion which can be only done for exceeding resources.

Advantages of Dreamhost

You will get low price plans here and free facilities like WordPress installation and updates of it.

Free features like domain name, and the SSL certificate too which everyone needs.

Proper resource protection for better performance and automated backups on daily basis.

You will also get unlimited features like traffic and cached plans. And also for your email accounts, shell users, MySQL databases which are easily accessible there.


They have very few limitations as compared to Bluehost like limited plans, only one plan which has unlimited features or facilities.

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