Self-massage is an easy way to relieve pain and discomfort

UPDATED: January 10, 2020

Do you know that the body is an incredible creation? Do you know that the body is created to heal itself? For example, when you fall and scratch your knees, the skin regenerates and heals on its own, leaving, perhaps, only a small scar as a reminder that you hurt yourself. More interesting, you can also heal yourself using your innate healing powers.

Treatment methods of self-massage

Today I will focus on one of the treatment methods: self-massage. Self-massage is probably one of the oldest body treatments that most of us have forgotten. How do I know? Because I have been doing this since I entered the 40s since my body was not as strong as in my youth. Joint pains have become part of my life today.

Most of us had pain in the shoulders, neck, headaches, joint pains in the arms and legs. What you can do is notice the pain and put your hands in areas that hurt (for example, the shoulders), and gently massage, squeezing and stretching the skin and muscles. When you do this, focus on the area and feel the pain that emanates. Slowly move the movement towards the neck and the head, behind the ears, in the crown, moving towards the face, gently pressing the area around the eyes and ending with a pinch in the nose.


The same for your hands. Begin a light massage from the forearm with a FasciaBlaster, descending to the elbow and arm. When on your wrist, use your thumb with applied pressure to rub the “crystals” that have formed over time and lower them on your palms. Then press each finger, starting with the little finger towards the pointer. If you have many “crystals,” your fingers will emit a crackling sound, releasing the blockage.

Finally the legs. Begin the massage with the biceps above the knees and lower, using the hands and lightly pushing the thumbs towards the legs. Finish by pushing back the toes.

Healing the body and mind through self-awareness

Do you know that your body is made up of millions of living intelligent cells? These cells join together to form a physical body. It looks like a city made up of buildings, roads, cars, and people. As in the city, traffic jams or jams sometimes occur due to some situations. The body accumulates toxins in places like shoulders and joints when a person is under stress.

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