How can you get the bitcoins fast?

UPDATED: December 24, 2020
  1. Buy bitcoins online

In order to buy or earn free bitcoins, you need to first download the bitcoin wallet. It is software that basically allows you to send securely, receive as well as store funds in the bitcoin network. Once you have earned a bitcoin you can easily convert btc to inr on our site. basically, there are different types of wallets that you can utilize. These are mobile, web, desktop as well as hardware.

As soon as you download a wallet, then you are required to set up an account on a cryptocurrency exchange which will be approved by your wallet provider.

download the bitcoin wallet

Many of the exchanges accept bank transfers or credit card payments. They can also charge you some of the transaction fees for each of the trades that you make.

  1. Buy bitcoins in person

If you want to buy bitcoins in person, then you can choose from the below options-

  • Use any of the websites in order to help you search for a bitcoin ATM, which works like a regular ATM.
  • Use any website to search for retail stores across your country that can give you bitcoin in exchange for cash.
  • Use any website to search for bank branches that can give you bitcoins in exchange for your cash deposits.
  • Use any website to search for the people who want to exchange bitcoins for cash.
  • To get bitcoins for free
  • Play mobile or some online games to earn bitcoins- you can play on your mobile or your computer and can get paid in bitcoins.
  • Do odd jobs online to earn bitcoins- some companies will pay you for testing their websites, take surveys, etc.
  • Write about cryptocurrency to earn bitcoins
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