Great Impacts of Vascular Ultrasound on Cardiac Health

PUBLISHED: February 4, 2020

Vascular ultrasound has so many benefits. For one, the test helps to provide the full picture of the arteries and veins in the body.  It is a very special technique that helps to closely evaluate the rate of blood flow through your blood vessels, including the capillaries, venules, arterioles, arteries and veins. Both the major and minor blood vessels in the upper and lower parts of the body are also involved.  One other unique feature of the vascular ultrasound is that it is noninvasive and, therefore, not painful.  Variety of vascular ultrasounds help the radiologist to properly diagnose various medical conditions related to the heart and its blood vessels.

Do you reside in Florida or any other part of the East Coast and you want to go for vascular ultrasound? You should not hesitate to visit CardioCare for top quality services. If any other clinic had disappointed you before, this outlet will never disappoint you but will make it worth your while so that you can always get good value for money.  The variety of vascular ultrasounds does not involve the use of ionizing radiation.

Check below for a list of the benefits of the vascular ultrasound:

  • It can help to determine the severity and source of varicose vein
  • It can also determine if you have aneurysm; that is, an enlarged artery
  • Furthermore, the vascular ultrasound can be used for evaluating the success of various procedures that bypass or graft blood vessels
  • Additionally, the test can be used for detecting blood clots in all the major veins in the arms and legs, like in Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT).
  • The vascular ultrasound can help in identifying and locating abnormalities and blockages in the cardiovascular system.
  • Again, doctors can use it to monitor blood flow to your tissues and organs all through the body.
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