Dog Cancer – What You Need to Know

UPDATED: December 11, 2020

Living an active and healthy lifestyle that helps boost your immune system is great for you, but it is just as important for your dog. Each year, millions of dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds develop cancer, a disease that often occurs when the immune system is unable to recognize the appearance of abnormal cells and fight them. The rate of cancer among dogs is higher than the rate of cancer in humans, and because the disease tends to progress more quickly, the death rate is quite disappointing.

Prevention and early diagnosis

There is no way to completely prevent a dog from getting cancer, but this can increase his chances of staying healthy and being strong enough to fight disease if he gets sick. Treat your dog’s health the same way you treat your dog’s health; Feed them properly, make sure they get enough exercise and sleep on a regular schedule, and always keep them up to date on vet visits as well as vaccinations. If you notice that your dog is starting to exhibit symptoms such as feeling lethargic, losing interest in favorite activities, decreased appetite, or flu-like symptoms that do not seem to go away, you better be wrong. side. Take them to the vet for a full examination, as they can be warning signs of cancer and other serious illnesses.

dog's immune system

Correct diagnosis of cancer in the early stages is one of the most important things to ensure your dog’s long-term survival. As in humans, once cancer has spread from one area of ​​the body to multiple sites, there are very few treatment options. Metastatic cancer generally causes death within a few months to two years and is the most common form of chronic disease in canines. However, if cancer cells are caught early, there are effective treatments available. If the cancer appears as a lump or tumor, it can usually be removed with minor outpatient surgery. After cancer cells are removed from the body, your pet may need to undergo other types of treatment to ensure that it does not develop cancer.

Treatment solutions

The most common form of cancer treatment is chemotherapy, which is a medical procedure that involves injecting toxic chemicals into the body to try to destroy cancer cells and strengthen the body’s systems. While it is a very effective treatment that kills cancer cells, it is also tough on the body in general.

Improving the immune system

Another successful form of treatment treats Common Cancers in Labrador Retrievers as a product of a dysfunctional immune system and is given in a compound form designed to strengthen the dog’s immune system and retrain it. These compounds, called immunomodulators, teach the dog’s body to recognize the emergence of cancer cells and direct the immune system to fight them in the same way it fights a virus or bacteria.

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