Designing the Best Home Floor Plan

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UPDATED: July 22, 2020

One of the most important decisions you need to make regarding home design is the layout or floor plan. Regardless of whether it is a medium-sized apartment, a penthouse or a detached house, the layout or floor plans strongly depend on the lifestyle of the people who will live in it. Choosing the type of building, that is, one-story or multi-story and floor plans, to match the location of the house in each area, can be very demanding and stressful, because the rooms must go with a home stream; The area or space may not be located or located incorrectly, as this can greatly affect accessibility, as well as other factors, such as lighting, ventilation, etc.

If a specialist, such as an architect or engineer, develops floor plans, the owner has the advantage of having experience and knowledge on their part. However, no one knows the needs of the house better than the owner, and an interested person can create an individual design.

There are many tips and suggestions for preparing custom floor plans. But some of the most basic and necessary should include:

penrose floor plan

  • Choosing a penrose floor plan that reflects the lifestyle of residents: family size and age are important factors. Families with young children prefer housing to be grouped into one zone to ensure privacy and security; On the other hand, teens will not need separate bedrooms to have their privacy.
  • Formal or informal spaces: if the owner is the type of person who continually has to have fun, formal spaces become a necessity. The spacious foyer with direct access to the formal lounge and dining room as well as the outdoor areas outside is a pleasant layout.
  • One-story or multi-story: some people like to have a luxurious home on one level, while others like to keep their rooms on an entirely different level. Also, a two-story house offers more types of the exterior at different angles than a one-story house.
  • Functionality of the space: if there is an elderly person or a disabled person in the house who needs extra space, or young children who need more space around the house, these requirements should be taken into account. Creating the conditions for family changes in the preparation of floor plans is beneficial, even if the requirement is not immediate, since future changes and additions will not always be possible.
  • How much is good in the fresh air: each plan of the house will include an open area, possibly an open veranda, a swimming pool, a garden umbrella with chairs, etc. Before evaluating the time you spend in these areas, you should think about making a plan.
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