UPDATED: November 26, 2020

There is a set of technologies that help simulate the conversational environment. It is often referred to as conversational AI. Developers use these sets of instructions in conjunction with virtual agents or bots. This process gives these bots a certain capability. They become able to understand the intent and tone of the words framed together into a sentence. The bots can then process an appropriate response and reply in a natural way.

Systems and processes everywhere are becoming more complex. The increasing technical demands in the industry make conversational AI even more popular. There are several companies, such as Clinc, offering AI solutions. It helps non-technical users navigate through complex problems. Conversational AI is in-demand for many reasons.

Dialog turns and twists

A normal human conversation is always full of uncertainties. Each dialog in the discussion can change the flow of the talk further. It is crucial to understand these turning points. This is why developers induce Natural Language Processing techniques into AI applications. The Conversational AI concept manages instant rollbacks, pauses, or repetitive conversations.

Sentiment analysis

Bots can analyze the emotion and tone of the conversation. Conversational AI lets bots break down the sentences or phrases into singular words. Each word is further analyzed considering several factors. These include key triggers, connotations, and placement in the sentence.

introduction of chatbots

Context management

There is no guarantee that a bot can remember the highlights of a conversation from a month ago. There is also no assurance that it can continue the said conversation from the same endpoint. Conversational AI knows that each conversation has some context involved. It is aware that context levies the importance of information. It holds the context from past conversations so it can resume from the same endpoint.

Rapid industry adoption

Several sectors in the commercial industry accepted the introduction of chatbots. These include marketing promotions and customer support. Automation allows marketers and owners to focus on more critical issues.

Multilingual support

One of the best benefits conversational AI provides is multilingual support. It can support almost every language. The ability to understand the intent of people all across the globe lets businesses grow.

Behavioral analytics

Chatbots can fetch use data, performance, and other metadata. Conversational AI can decipher the information contained in these data. It then delivers significant insights. Conversational AI-based analytic provides a visual representation of the user journey. It plots the flow of dialog in the discussion between the user and the bot. These flows define user behavior and determine the intention of the user.

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