Your Complete Buying Guide To New Condo Unit In Singapore

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UPDATED: March 8, 2019

If you are living in Singapore, getting your own residence area helps a lot. But, there are many options available for you from housing to condominiums. And one of the best options is purchasing a condo unit. This is because of the limited land area and scarcity of available parcel in the country. The condos are the most accessible and popular type of housing in Singapore. To date, there are many new condos that you can go over with like the Avenue South Residence Core City Centre. The condo has all the general accessibility that you might need. But, before deciding, it is important to learn the buying process in Singapore to assess you.   You are investing whether it is a high-end residential block or an executive condominium. Thus, it is crucial to understand these properties to avoid costly mistakes in the long run.

Determine Your Financial Situation

The most important factor you need to think of is your financial situation. The condos in Singapore are not affordable especially for those with general accessibility. Depending on the developers and the location, the price tag varies. But, if you are to settle down, it can be best to choose a condo that has all the facilities. You need to check the amenities around and the type of development. Though it might fetch premium prices, you can still avail for it with a down payment. Keep in mind all the financial needs when buying a new condo unit, this way, you can balance things out. This would also guide you to the rightful unit for your daily needs. And if you want to live in the core of the city, this is when the Avenue South Residence is the ideal choice. Find out more why:

executive condominium

The Core Location

The condo is within the core of the city. This means that you have all the access to the most vital amenities and transportation. Also, the condo is only minutes away from the expressways which help you get wherever you go. There are many shopping centers around, entertaining, and dining places. Almost all your basic needs are around you which is why the condo can be the best buy. For what it is worth, the general location is ideal if you make constant travel for work.

Amazing Facilities

The condominium is under the development of  UOL Group, UIC and Kheng Leong Company. This means that the structure of the building is durable and worthy enough. This new condo has a conceptual foundation that creates a pair of pristine precious cubes. It is environmental efficient with sustainable products and energy-saving technologies. The condo also gives you access to the greenery encircles swimming pool. It helps you cool down a bit from the hustle of work. If you want to work out a bit, there is also fitness equipment in the natural beauty of the outdoors. Thus, the place is perfect to get away from the surrounding environment of work.

The Overall Accessibility

When buying a condo in Singapore, the general facilities and amenities are vital. You need to check out the location of the condo and if it is accessible enough. Also, determine the amount that you can sustain before you decide on purchasing a unit.

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