What You Should Know When Buying Aleppo Pepper Online

UPDATED: August 5, 2019

Aleppo pepper (Halaby pepper) is named after a city in Syria known for its Chiles. These Chiles can be found in Syria and Turkey. These Chiles are picked sun-dried and processes. It’s known for its rich burgundy color. There many types of chiles with various Scoville scale. This type of pepper isn’t in the very spicy category, but just enough to give any dish a dept and heat that can make any dish appetizing.

This type of pepper isn’t common so you might not be able to see these types of chiles in your local grocery store. But there are ways to acquire it and the most common and easiest way is through online. This is because in online one can visit international stores that sell spices in an instant. But there are things that you need to know when you buy spices online and internationally.

Check your country’s laws about purchasing spices internationally: You should know that there are certain country restrictions when you buy certain spices. There are some species that are prohibited in one country to the other. That’s why it’s imperative that you check your country’s rules first. The last thing you want is to get your spices tagged as contraband.

brand of Aleppo pepper

Check the credibility of the online store: Undeniably, there are already so many places where you can buy spices online, and all though there are a lot, sad to say, not all of these sites are really good. Some sites are known to be bad and some are highly exceptional. The good thing about today is that online can easily be a good place to source information about certain online shops as well, from reviews to feedback, you won’t be short of that.

Not all Aleppo peppers are made the same: The fact is that not all Aleppo peppers are made the same. There are certain types of Aleppo peppers made by a certain manufacturer that just tastes way better than the other. Although that’s hard to trace, it’s not impossible. Again, online can give that information for you. On which certain brand of Aleppo pepper you should choose to buy. It won’t even take you an hour to gather that information.

Although this type of pepper isn’t the spiciest, its one of the best tastings there is. It’s highly known for its fruity and earthy flavor that most people described as a cross between cayenne and cumin. It’s a pepper that definitely made a statement. But you should know that this type of pepper isn’t easily sourced locally unless you live where it’s common. The best way to source it is online but make sure that you also do your research.

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