What benefits does the pilates offer you?

UPDATED: May 23, 2019

Reformer is the best known machine. Created by Joseph himself, it is also called a stretcher or bed. It has nothing to do with the machines in the gyms to work the bodybuilding. It consists of many parts: car, head, shoulder pads, springs, foot bar, straps, boxes and sliding stretcher, and each of these parts is designed to exercise each part of our body with combined resistances.

Pilates without machines or on the floor

In addition to the stretcher, there are other elements that are used to develop the classes:

Elastic bands: they allow increasing the intensity of the exercises and the necessary stability work in the trunk to control the tension of the band.

Rollers: it is a complement Private Pilates in Austin to increase your strength, flexibility and sense of balance. In addition, it gives a gentle massage on the back providing a super pleasant feeling.

Ball for Pilates:  with this element the abdominals are worked, the back is stretched and the dynamic balance is trained through the resistance to improve the stability.

Private Pilates


The hoops are a perfect complement to achieve control of your abdomen and greater toning of all muscles.


Are used to practice several exercises and achieve greater relaxation and awareness of our entire body.

Pilates for pregnant women

Although the first recommendation is to consult with your doctor, more and more pregnant women enjoy the benefits of this discipline. The key is to suspend some of the abdominal exercises, taking advantage of those used for back pain, flexibility, etc. In general, it can be practiced safely past the first trimester of pregnancy. The benefits are:

Improves breathing:

it is a good method to learn how to send the air that enters our ribs or into the pelvic area, which can help at the time of delivery.

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