Things To Learn About Brandon Webb Navy Seal Chief

UPDATED: January 28, 2019

Brandon Webb Navy SealThis article will discuss about things you need to know about Brandon Webb Navy Seal Chief who has become popular across many parts of the world. Brandon Webb introduces himself as former United States Navy SEAL sniper, author who has published bestselling works under the New York Times, businessman and experimental aircraft pilot. Aside from these, Webb is also the founder of a U.S.-based men’s lifestyle brand in the industries of e-commerce and digital publishing. The brand is called Hurricane Group.

Webb also founded GSD Logistics, a fulfillment company that caters to various clients internationally. Not just these, but he is also a member of the New York Young Presidents Organization chapter and is the board member on the veterans advisory committee to the small business administration in the United States.

More things to know

Before etching his name as Brandon Webb Navy Seal Chief, this strong man left home at the age of 16 and finished high school and afterwards joined the United States Navy to become SEAL. One of his first assignments was as a helicopter swimmer for Aircrew Search and Resume and Aviation Warfare Systems Operator. Back in 1997, his package for the SEAL basic underwater demolition was approved and later on would train with over 100 students to complete the overall training.

His stint as SEAL

Brandon Webb served as a SEAL with Team 3, Naval Special Warfare Group One Training Detachment sniper cell and completed his final tour as the Naval Special Warfare Center sniper course where he served as west coast sniper course manager under the team. During his career, he went on to be assigned to deployments in Middle East countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and in Iraq, he went back as a contractor for the paramilitary.

Brandon Webb Navy SealOne of his proudest moment was working as a sniper course manager for the SEAL wherein he was able to produce some of the most powerful snipers in United States history of the military.

Accomplished leader

Brandon Webb has been touted as an accomplished leader who has been also promoted to E-6 while he was sniper instructor teaching advanced courses and was promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer as his first eligibility while taking his stint at the sniper course. This award-winning member of the military has been given major awards while taking care of his family and taking care of his businesses. To learn more about Brandon Webb Navy Seal and his accomplishments, you may study resources online.

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