Strategies associated with Pain management Chicago

UPDATED: June 6, 2019

Various strategies and therapies are employed in pain management to alleviate pain and develop a quality life for the affected patients whose lifestyle has been disrupted due to the chronic pain. This is essential and relevant for long term conditions.Pain management Chicago clinic offers these pain management facilities all through Chicago.

The programs designed for pain management involve various health specialists as well as professionals to cure and manage the condition(s) of the same case.This is also referred to as interdisciplinary approach to comprehensive management of pain. Patient is provided with the best treatment and therapy methodologies that are applied to the condition with which the patient is ailing. Optimal pain management is taken up depending on the kind and location of the pain.

Pain management Chicago team generally includes:

  • Pain specialists
  • Mental health professionals
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Alternative practitioners
  • Nursing professionals

A chronic pain is a long lasting or a consistent pain due to an underlying condition.

pain management facilities

Factors that Affect the severity are:

  • Neurobiological pain
  • Pain tolerance
  • Age
  • Individual variations
  • Cultural aspects
  • Psychological aspects

Chronic Pain Management conditions that could be due to physiological disorder or a mechanical trauma include:

Bone fractures

Muscle damage

Tendon and Ligament damage

Joint damage or degeneration


Damage or disorders of fascia

Back and lower back pain

Visceral pain

Pain in the genitals

Advancement of the condition can be due to:


Neurological damage


Loss of Bone

Loss of Muscle tissue


Mechanical wear and tear

Assessment and evaluation of pain and its link to Comprehensive Pain Management

There are a number of rating systems that assesses pain and its measure. This measure is the intensity of the pain or functional impairment.

Certain conditions might need adaptations and variations of these systems and scales/measure. This aids in recognizing the kind of treatment needed for the patient ailing to get maximum relief from that pain. It ought to analyze the impact if left untreated in the long run.

Chronic pain scales

A specialist or doctor asks the patient in reference to a scale or pain level to assess the measure or the intensity of the pain. These questions include severity of the condition, duration of its presence and place or spot of the pain.

These queries are tools for measuring the pain intensity and these are:

  • The numerical rating scale (NRS)
  • Visual analog scale (VAS)
  • The Wong-Baker FACES scale

VAS- This is a straight-line scale with no pain at one end and worst pain on the other. A doctor asks the point where the pain belongs. They are noted as numerical values.

NRS- This is a numerical on a scale of 0-10, where 0 is no pain and 10 is the highest or worst pain. The number denotes the intensity of the pain.

The Wong-Baker FACES scale-It’s a pictorial facial expression that represents the intensity of pain to a numerical scale. It is particularly useful in pediatric related pain and for disorders in older people. A happy face or an unconcerned face corresponds to a zero and face in severe pain corresponds to 10.

Comprehensive Pain Management Chicago blends drug based, non-pharmacological and interventional pain therapies. These are employed to work with ailing patients to improve mobility and operation and overall improving quality of life.

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