Know the Different Chicago Motor Coaches Types For Your Group

UPDATED: November 9, 2019

When it comes to picking the best chicago motor coach rental for your group, many choices can be overwhelming sometimes. Between the standard coaches, minibusses, and tour buses, how will you know which one of them is the best for your group’s long-awaited trip?

If you’re planning to visit some Chicago’s best tourist spots like Maggie Daley Park, Oak Street Beach, Chicago History Museum, Burnham Park, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and Jackson Park, it is essential to pick the best vehicle that can accommodate your group’s needs.

To help you with your problem, this article will serve as a guide on how you choose the best motor coaches types for your group’s trip, no matter how many you are and your needs! You may use this guide to compare each other vehicles and familiarize yourself with the following options.

Different Types of Motor Coaches

Below is a well-detailed breakdown of each motor coach, amenities, etc. to help you make a wiser decision at the end.

  1. Coach

A coach, or motor coach, is a large type of passenger vehicle that is operated by a professional and licensed commercial driver. Motor coaches can be rented by a small to a large group of families, businesses, organizations, sports teams, group travels, and individuals who are searching for a reliable group travel accommodations to any events. These types of events include sporting events, school trips, travel and tours, business trips, private gatherings and outings, wedding ceremonies, and more. The professional driver will pick up the passengers from designated areas and transport them to every stop according to their planned itineraries.

  • Seating: Can accommodate up to 60 seats or less
  • Amenities: Offer reclining chairs, TVs, DVD players, WIFI, toilet, and on-board WIFI
  • Storage: Luggage can be stored at the overhead bins above the passenger’s seat
  • Distance: Meant to travel short and long distances, may vary depending on the itineraries of the trip. Suitable for long-distance travel.

chicago motor coach

  1. Minibus

A minibus is a small version of a motor coach that can accommodate up to 35 passengers or less. Minibusses are commonly used as shuttles to and from hotels, concerts, corporate events, school activities, wedding venues, airports, and many more.

  • Seating: Can accommodate up to 35 passengers, but it also has seating options like 18 seats, 20 seats, and 25 seats
  • Amenities: Same with coaches, it also offers reclining chairs, TVs, DVD players, WIFI, and on-board WIFI. Though, most of these minibusses doesn’t have toilets
  • Storage: Luggage can be kept on the overhead bins
  • Distance: It is commonly used for local use. But it can also be used for long-distance travel as well. However, you need to clarify with the rental company how far a minibus can travel.
  1. Tour Buses

Tour buses, or commonly known as sleeper buses, are often used by touring musicians, celebrities, and entertainers to become a mobile home while they’re traveling. Most often, these type of buses are spacious and has sleeping suites that make it perfect for sleeping, relaxing and working while on the road.

  • Seating: Can accommodate up to 121 passengers or less, it has a lounge-style seating chairs
  • Amenities: It has a kitchen, toilet, bunk beds, WIFI, power outlets, master suite, communal area, and other facilities to make the vehicle looks and feels like a home
  • Storage: It has storage closets and luggage bays. Others attach a trailer to the motor coach to store large and heavy equipment
  • Distance: It is used for long-distance travel, but it can also be used as a film-set trailer, high-end shuttles for celebrities, and recording studios.

Are you planning to book for a motor coach? Hoping that this article helps you make a decision, which motor coach will suit your group’s needs. If you’re still unsure what kind of motor coach should you hire, and you can call your rental company to talk with their reservation specialist.


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