How to download movies in Gnula?

UPDATED: June 19, 2019

To begin with, we must be clear about exactly what movie we want to download. Once we have made a concrete decision, we choose the one that we like the most. Remember that you must already be on the Gnula page and verify if the chosen option is available. When we have everything ready we can start with the procedure. It’s not too complicated, you just have to pay attention.

Subsequently, when choosing the movie we will click to play. It will show you several options and at the end, there is a tab that says “Online / Download”, this is exactly where we should click. When you have passed this step, the same player will show you several options. The most recommended in this case is “POWVIDEO”, since it turns out to be one of the best in case you have another favorite, choose that.

When you click on play the same page will offer you an option in a corner of the screen of your PC that will say “Download video from this page”. You must make sure, sometimes it takes a while to load, especially when the internet connection is slow. In case you do not leave immediately you can restart the page again so that you can get this small tab. It is quite easy to get to this point.

Online movie search

Download movies in Gnula

When we are at this point we must click on the small tab mentioned above. Automatically they will look like a pop-up tab that will provide them with several options, as well as some extra information about the film in question, such as the format or the year. This can be very useful at some other time.

Online movie search

Basically, all you have to do next is click on the button that says “start download”. From here you will not have to do anything else, the movie will start downloading immediately without any problem. Best of all, since it weighs much less than Torrent files you will not have to wait long for the download to complete, in a couple of minutes it will already be stored on your PC.

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