Help for Parents: How to Support Your Addicted Children

UPDATED: September 20, 2019

Being a parent is a tough job. But being a parent to a child who’s suffering from an addiction is tougher. Deciding what’s best for them and how to convince them to have a treatment plan can be a difficult journey.

You’re not alone; many parents are struggling with the same problem as yours. But the most important thing to do is to understand the current situation of your child’s addiction. Once you’ve learned about the situation, you’ll know how to support them genuinely.

Understand the Truth Behind Addiction

The use of illegal substances, alcohol, and tobacco by young people is now decreasing according to the current survey. This kind of news is encouraging, but addiction is a serious problem that no one can’t ignore.

According to a study, underage drinking and drug abuse is a serious health concern for many Americans with age ranges from 12 to 20. And 90% of this alcohol is consumed by binge drinking.

Before you can lend a hand to your child’s current situation, it’s essential as a parent to understand why your child engages with that kind of situation.

Addiction is a severe illness caused by the brain’s response to addictive chemical substances that result from psychological conditions. While using these illegal substances is a choice, but addiction is not. Recovering from addiction is the same as other chronic illnesses; it needs consistent care and treatment for the individual to pursue a happy and healthy life.

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Addiction Symptoms to Look For

Aside from the visible symptoms like missing money and absences of drugs from your medicine cabinet – the following symptoms may specify that your child is having a struggle with illegal substances abuse:

  • Physical Symptoms – Changes in eating or sleeping habits, shakiness, tremors, nausea, or too much hyperactivity that affects their hygiene
  • Social Symptoms – New group of friends or they begin to spend more time outside than staying at home. Also, they become secretive compared before
  • Emotional Symptoms – Sudden change in mood, shifts in personality that sometimes due to illegal substance abuse. If you can’t figure out the difference between normal adolescence or substance abuse, consult a doctor right away.

How to Raise an Addict

Your first instinct as a parent is to protect your children from harm. Knowing that they’re currently battling with a severe disease that you can’t fight is stressful. But you have an essential role in helping them recover, consider these steps:

  • Promote love: You may approach your child by asking a few questions and show them that you’re here for them no matter what the circumstances are
  • Avoid spoiling them: As a parent, you must establish strict boundaries with them by knowing when to say “no” and when to say “yes. Having a restriction is an essential role in making a healthy path for them
  • Create a realistic goal: Offer teamwork; Engage them to work together to create an attainable goal
  • Pick the appropriate rehab facility: Many Drug Rehab Boca Raton specialize for caring children and teenagers who’re currently struggling with these illegal substances abuse. Make sure to find one that will meet your current needs.

If your child is already an adult and living away from you; it’s harder to detect the symptoms. Approach your child with open communication and show them that you care and love them no matter what happens. Don’t make them feel that you’re disappointed with them, instead let them know that you understand their situation. Empower and encourage your child to change their life for the better and support them genuinely.

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