Health is what matters

UPDATED: April 22, 2019

Our health is and should be the main reason why we do not embark on a change of habits and our nutritionist should know and remind us. The important thing for a good sports nutrition will be that we have good habits and take care of our health and not how much we weigh.

If the professional you go to focuses on weight, it makes you feel guilty for not losing weight or focusing only on how much you weigh, you are not doing your job well and it’s time to change nutritionist.

Goodbye to fast diets and miracle

If it assures you that you will lose weight fast or it recommends you to go on a miracle diet, be suspicious. A good nutritionist should take the time to know your personal case , your habits, your situation and your health and help you make a realistic and progressive change of habits based on real food and scientific studies.

change nutritionist

They will take into account if you are taking medication, what is your medical situation, if you have any type of allergy, family diseases and medical history. In addition, they will ask and consider your personal situation, who you live with and what are your habits, your tastes, your ability and taste for cooking, and much more. Everything that can help you create a personalized diet focused on your specific needs.

Custom diets and usual follow-up

Give a standard diet photocopied or taken from the Internet and then not to see you again is not to make a personalized diet. The professional must know you and know your habits, your personal situation, your tastes and your goals and possibilities. After this you should provide a diet adapted to you and your personal situation.. In addition to this, you should keep track of your progress. Not only assessing  weight loss, but assessing if you are adapting to the diet, if you have to make any changes due to problems or progress with the diet or even changes in your personal situation.

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