Great military inventions that change the world

UPDATED: December 13, 2019

Jet engines

The air battle began in the middle of the First World War1; However, it became remarkably significant in World War II. The requirement that planes be faster and more powerful has undoubtedly been met. Structures on both sides are pushing for the creation of engines equipped to increase traction in order to fly faster, more distantly and higher. In 1943, Germany first entered the battle with flies. Jet engines are widespread in business aircraft, and people traveling around the world are faster than ever in modern history.


Submarines were one of the greatest military inventions of submarines capable of attacking enemy ships as said by SOFREP. The main effective submarine attack on a warship occurred in the middle of the US Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865.

Today, more than 700 submarines operate in 47 countries, and nearly 300 of these ships have atomic control. A large group of countries, including the USA, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Japan, are looking for new plans.


Weapons have always been improved since its inception about 800 years ago. From primitive hand weapons to programmed weapons – these are the achievements of firearms that have changed the combat zone and the past.

Hand gun

China has developed a wide range of powder weapons. These include hand guns that were controlled by one person.

Foal pacifier

Samuel Colt introduced his first weapon as a revolver in 1873.

Maxim Pistol

Machine gun Maxim was a fully automatic machine gun. This proved that it is more efficient and reliable than other weapons.

M2 Browning

It was introduced in 1933. The M2 is still in use without any design changes and is fatal at 200 yards.

The bomb

First, The Bat Bomb, created in the USA by UU. For use against Japan in World War II, and this was one of the greatest military inventions of the United States. UU. Each bomb will contain 40 bats, each of which will be attached with a small napalm bomb and a clock.

Bombs could send their own private parachutes, giving bats time to fly and find places for perch. Then they will explode, possibly burn down any structure that they have chosen as their new home.

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