UPDATED: December 21, 2019

The fascia is one of the most important systems of our body. It affects all our systems. The topic of fascia is unfamiliar to most of us. Fascia blasting is one of the most popular health and lifestyle fad these past few years.

So what is fascia?

Fascia is everywhere in the human body. From inside the brain, on top and inside muscles, and even around our heart and spine. It is all throughout our guts, and from below the skin to the deepest depths of our bodies. It is the connective tissue that holds us together. It is a fluid system like blood. It is also a communication system like the nervous system. Some even say that fascia serves as a second nervous system.

And what is cellulite?

Cellulite is the formation of lumps and dimples in the skin. It is also sometimes called orange-peel skin. It affects men and women alike. But it is more common in women. This is because of the different distributions of fat, muscle, and connective tissue. It results from an interaction. Between the connective tissue in the layer lying below the skin surface and the layer of fat below it. Fat cells and connective tissue in women’s fat layers are vertically-arranged. The protrusion of fat cells into the layer of skin gives the appearance of cellulite. Men’s fat layers have a criss-cross structure of connective tissue. This explains why men are less likely to have cellulite than women.

fluid fascial network

What is the connection between cellulite and fascia?

Fascia is the root cause of cellulite. Fixing the fascia will fix the cellulite. Cellulite is the physical manifestation of the unhealthy fascia. It will manifest more if you have more body fat. The fascia will not smoothen by any amount of diet or exercise. This is why we can all have cellulite. It is the condition of the fascia. You can get rid of cellulite but you will never get rid of fascia. It is a vital part of our anatomy.

How do you treat your fascia?

Regular treatment of your fascia will keep it healthy. Physical therapy is one of the available treatments for the fascia. As well as heating and using foam rollers. You must also consider proper nutrition. And postural alignment. What is popular now is the use of FASCIABLASTER. A tool used for fascia manipulation. Regular use of FasciaBlaster will smooth and restore the fascia. You should use it along with heating and Blaster OIl. Cells make up fascia. And of course, it needs regular maintenance like any other cell in our body.

Our cells are not only surrounded by this fluid fascial network. Our organs, muscles, and bones depend on it. There are a lot of ways to get rid of some lumps and muscle soreness. But it is better if we take care of this unique system. You should take the time to include proper nutrition in your daily routines. As well as hydration. And do not forget regular stretching.

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