Dbox Offering Motion Integrated Simulation Technologies For Greater Viewing Experience

UPDATED: April 20, 2019

In general, what do you do for entertainment? Maybe you are a bit homesick and like to spend your time at home doing recreational things but what if you like to look for entertainment from other sources like watching movies in the cinema hall. But maybe you have got bored with the same kind of movie experience. Then why not to enjoy your favourite movie in a cinema hall enabled with dbox technologies. It will introduce you to the world of a different movie viewing experience. The seats installed with the motion simulation technologies will make you feel that you are an indispensable part of the movie.

dbox technology

What is dbox?

They are the manufactures of the motion, simulation and the training devices and software around the world.Their motion program is sent to the receiver generally installed in the seats of the movie theatres. The technicians and the programmers try to make the motion of the seats in sync with the visuals displayed on the screen. People are hence offered a different kind of movie viewing experience by dbox. The shaking bodies or some other effects induced in the seats to make the body of the people feel that motion acts like magic on the minds of the viewers. They are engrossed in the movies more than ever. They like that effect being imparted on their bodies to make them feel being the part of the movie they are watching.

People if even for once go to such kind of theatres, they are lured to it again and again. This is because in general such motion integrated viewing experience is rare and people are always attracted towards something new. If you are an owner of a theatre then installing dbox technology will probably make you experience soaring profits in the entertainment industry.

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