A Glimpse Behind The Successes Of Patrick Landau

PUBLISHED: November 28, 2019

Patrick Landau, also known as Patrick Landau Israel is a very well known businessman. He is also the great inspiration of many entrepreneurs who wanted to be as successful as him. If you also idolize him and his amazing successes, then this article is definitely for you. Anything about a successful man and learn about his challenges in achieving his dreams is definitely a great read.

When Patrick Landau decided to study in the United States after he got his Bac C (A levels) at the Lycée Paul Valéry in 1977. He was successful in his studies and he even enrolled at Harvard University after he received his MBA. But his life at Harvard was not as easy as everybody else. He had to work at the Israeli embassy in Washington in order to pay for his Harvard education.

The Successful Business Life Of Patrick Landau

Patrick Landau from Israel entered the business industry in the USA in 1985. He started a small business and later on was able to get a taste of the coffee trade. He brought this business to Africa, and even to France. During his business trip in 1986, he met a woman who became his wife. When they moved to London, he continued with his business.

Patrick Landau from IsraelLater on, he discovered more about the business world. He also found that multinational companies were interested in his expertise. That includes large businesses from all sectors as well as the military. By then, he was starting to sell planes. He also played as the middleman of large corporations and the military.

His business became so successful to the point that he decided to start a merger. To do this, he asked help from a bank. He had to wait for months but he was patient. In 1990, he started negotiations with a couple of financial establishments in the industry. By 1995, Landau was able to buy all the shares and also added mergers and acquisitions. It continued up to 2008 until he left for Switzerland.

The Birth Of Maydex

Maydex is a new organization in Zurich. It is composed of teams of specialists who were carefully selected for their sector-specific and geographic knowledge in different fields such as aeronautics, transport, energy, as well as defense and security. Maydex was named after the acronym of the names of all his children. This is why this company is very close to Landau’s heart.

Patrick Landau is considered as an international salesman in this multipolar world. He is a very successful businessman, but this sixty-something business mogul shows no signs of stopping! He is and always will be a great inspiration to many people.

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