You’re Only Little Once (YOLO), That’s What My Kid Says!

UPDATED: June 6, 2018

Making kids wear clothes that have objects or character prints on them helps them learn about those objects. They are attracted to vibrant patterns and bright colours and also such clothes lights up your mood in gloomy winters. Aside from the prints and patterns to select for kids, there is a trend of witty quotes and parental humor taking place on kid’s clothing scene. They could be quotes like ‘ I have the coolest daddy and mommy in the world’ or ‘eat, sleep, poop, repeat’ or ‘I spent 9 months in bat cave’. There can also be illustrations of a loading symbol at the bottom of the garment or superhero illustrations on the front. The adorable graphic and cute illustrations combined with these witty phrases makes great onesies or shirts for infants. This fashion trend has been there in the industry for a while. There are places which will custom make the clothes you want with whatever you want printed on it. This came around as a trend in the fashion industry and not long ago was adopted in the kid’s wear too. The onesies are for babies and the t shirts can be for kids which can be paired with jeans or shorts for boys and skirts or 아동복 for girls.

kids wear clothes

These Clothes Put the Awe in Awesome!

Humor is one element people love and humor on babies is an absolute treat.  Stringing up words to make witty phases and pairing it up with engaging illustrations and the same printed on a t-shirt or dresses for kids and onesies for babies is a huge hit amongst the new parents of the generation. They are also great gifting options from friends and family to new parents who enjoy a little chuckle and wit. It caught the internet by storm and all fashion bloggers tried to have fun with the concept. The ‘Oopsie I Made a Poopsie’ one with a poop illustration was one of the loved pieces from a big bunch of these. It was on a t-shirt worn by an infant with a 아동복 and caught everyone’s attention. There are numerous phrases and graphics to choose from today and there are many websites and applications where you can get one printed for your kid or as a gift to another. They are also made from comfortable material and are very soft on a baby’s skin. The print is done with a safe dye which is harmless for children in every way. Who would’ve thought that getting kid’s garments could be so much fun for adults.

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