Yes-Storage: The On-Demand Storage In Hong Kong!

UPDATED: June 6, 2018

If you need more space, Yes-Storage has a space especially for you! Yes-Storage is an on demand storage simple storage solution. They provide a door-to-door storage service for you. This means that you don’t need to bring your things over, they will come to you. The company can fulfill your storage needs right at the comforts of your own home. If you are interested to know all about Yes-Storage, let us go ahead and find out.

How Does Yes-Storage Works?

If you need a storage space, Yes-Storage has a very easy and practical solution for you. They will deliver a new box to your home, you will then fill it up with the items that you need to store for the meantime. Then you can schedule a pickup of the company to send a truck that will transfer your boxes from your home directly to the warehouse for safekeeping.

Why Should I Trust Yes-Storage?

Since 2006, Yes-Storage has provided a safe and reliable storage service to more than 10,000 Hong Kong households. They understand your hesitations when it comes to trusting someone with your valuable things but this reason alone is enough to give you a peace of mind that your things are protected and safe with Yes-Storage.

When it comes to your personal belongings, storing them safely and entrusting them to another individual is something that not everyone is comfortable of doing. Yes-Storage promises a different experience for you. But how can you trust them? First, they have a 24-hour climate control warehouse. This means that your belongings will be safely sheltered and protected against harsh weather conditions.

The company has a professional warehouse (GS4) and a highly-recommended security system (SAP). Yes-Storage also makes sure that your things are insured from water and fire damage. For clothes and wardrobe, they are locked and protected on each box. You can be sure that nothing will happen during transport since Yes-Storage has a professional transportation team.

Enjoy A Better Living Space With The Help of Yes-Storage! 

Having so many belongings in your small-spaced home can take up a large area in your house. But storing them in a friends’ house will not give you an assurance that your things will be well-taken cared of. Storing it at home may not be the best solution either! This is when you need storage services from Yes-Storage.

Yes-Storage services are contract-based. Their service will include one set of a storage box, storage, and including transportation. Their prices vary according to the length of contract that you prefer. The customers can pay by cash, check, installment, or use a credit card. It is a requirement that you pay everything that you owe for the contract period before you receive their services. Customers cannot use half a set or add one storage box.

For any storage purposes, whether its clothes, appliances, or other belongings that you want to protect, for the time being, Yes-Storage can help you with that. Choose from their plans today and keep them safe for the meantime.

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