Yes Storage for more space

UPDATED: June 6, 2018

Are you tired to shift your belongings from one place to another? Don’t worry, here’s one solution to cater your need. Yes Storage is one of the best leading storage service providers in Hong Kong that is operational since 2006.

What kind of services does it provide?

With Yes Storage boxes your storage is made simple. They not only provide empty space but also offer other services like logistic, combine storage and customer service. Experience hassle free transfer of your valuable goods from your door step to the storage facility. All you need to utilize their service is fill up the enquiry form and register with this service provider with your full details so that they can help you no time. They are worth your every penny.

Characteristic Features of Yes Storage Boxes:

To deliver best services to their customers they recently got updated their in-house system to SAP and got the best service provider award from Hong Kong Board in the form of “Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand” in 2012. This storage provider has full positive impact on Hong Kong household.

  1. Place your order with your full details via telephone or online booking.
  2. Select the payment mode according to your comfort. They provide you complete flexibility which includes cash, check, credit card or you can go with monthly installments.
  3. You can take a contract for about 12 months which will cost you monthly around HK$398 that includes 8 single trips or even for 24 months which will cost you monthly around HK$398 that includes 16 single trips.
  4. They offer 24-hours climate control, free fire and water damage insurance on your goods that are transferred to their warehouse.
  5. Their professional team will take charge of your needs and ensure you best transport of your goods with lock and protective clothes on each box.


I would suggest you to choose Yes Storage for all your goods transfer as they provide excellent service right from your door step to your delivered point. Leverage their service and choose this safest and simple on demand storage that is meant for delivering your valuable goods with just one click on their website or get your order placed via calling them through Phone.

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