UPDATED: June 7, 2018

I’ve been using online dating apps before, specifically tinder, I can’t determine what other online dating apps feature since I only used tinder. Based on my experience, all I can describe it was a roller coaster ride, there were a lot of ups and downs as I’ve met a lot of women who have different personalities.

As we all know, gone are the days when you have to sign-up for speed datings in your area’s local bar or activity center just to find a person who is willing to be in a relationship with you. Welcome to the age of smartphones and the internet. Just simply download a dating application like Tinder on your smartphone or tablet and you’re good to go. Just select the best photo in your phone’s gallery and you can swipe through your phone to find that person that literally caught your attention. In as simple as swiping left and right, you can either find your soulmate or a friend.

speed datings

However, that person that you find interesting might be hooked up to other users of that online dating app that you are using and you might feel inferior that you’re on the bottom rank so how can you stand out from the rest? In this article, let me help you with these expert tips that will improve your chances to match the perfect person for you.

First tip

Stay true to yourself- instead of posting random pictures of good-looking people, you should post your own pictures instead. In this way, people using the dating app won’t be creeped out or doubt your real personality and identity. Take a picture of yourself and post it on your profile. Who knows somebody out there is looking for a person just like you? Avoid using picture filters and photo enhancing applications just to look better in the camera or you’ll end up unrecognizable in person because of the altered pictures you’ve posted on your profile. Another important tip about being true to yourself is to post all the details about yourself like your real interests, hobbies, lifestyle and even your favorite food because people use dating apps in the first place to find the person who is compatible to their personality and interests. People like each other because they have a lot in common.

Second tip

Improve your biography- Describe yourself in a way that you’re talking to that person physically, don’t use flowery words just to describe yourself in a very pleasing manner to those who are reading your profile. Instead, make it brief and easy to understand. If you love pizza and basketball, write it down and post it to your profile, if you’re a wanderlust and can’t stay in one place, post it, just like what I said, people are also curious about your personality and interests aside from browsing the pictures you’ve posted in your profile. It’s not necessary to post your degree, your educational background, your family tree, your favorite color, just those things that makes you unique and things that you believed in makes you stand out among others.

Third tip

Always persevere- Although online apps are very convenient in finding a partner or a person who you believe would be your soulmate, liking a single profile won’t give you a huge chance to persevere, like as many profiles as you can. The more profiles you’ve liked, the more chances you’ll earn a match.

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