The most efficient ways to boil water

UPDATED: August 29, 2018

Water is the necessity of all individual. They can live without water. It can also solve a lot of health problem without the use of medicine. Warm water is really good for the health and can also eliminate a lot of diseases and health issues. There are several ways to warm water. Some a best glass kettle has an upper hand over the other. You can learn the various ways to warm water and which is the best among them for that small purpose of yours.

Electric KattleThe traditional stove

This is the most basic way to boil water since the early age. It is the transfer of heat from the fire to the kettle and then to the water. Many people still use this method to boil water or make tea. However, this has a disadvantage that makes it lack behind. The demerit is the heat is transferred from the base of the kettle to the water. Loss of energy takes place there. In addition to that, if the lead is not closed then there is an excess loss of energy in the process. Hence, it is energy inefficient. However, the water can be boiled as much as you want. There is no restriction in that.

The electric kettle

Electric kettles are made keeping the energy efficiency in mind.  In this material, the heating element is in direct contact with the kettle. The water is heated directly as there is no middleman between the pot water and the heating element. So the loss of the heat is minimized. In addition, the pot has an attached lid that has to be covered in order to make the kettle function. Hence, you are saving a lot of energy with this. You look for the best glass kettle.

Electric KattleThe microwave oven

The microwave can also be used to heat the after. However, you can use it to make tea or coffee, it is limited to water. In addition to that, the oven also heats the container used to hold the water in the oven. The container is heated up unnecessarily. Hence, the wastage of energy.


You see that the electric heater is the best in terms of energy efficiency. However, if you want to heat the water excessively then that is not the thing for you. The oven should be used.

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