UPDATED: June 22, 2018

There are a number of start-ups that are quite a different from one another in some way or the other. The strategies are also different. So, let us have a highlight.


Till now it is already known that the 8 figure dream lifestyle is a bright platform. There are certain exclusive features with the 8FDL distinct model within the community.

potential clients

  • The initial costs are high that are meant to be paid by the new members.

New members package starts from the $2,000-$22,000, however, it is totally dependent upon the resources as well as the products that are purchased. The monetary rate is not a fixed one.  8FDL is also the best platform since there is an option to get the access to the loan when the new members do not have enough to pay directly.

  • emphasis built on the recruiting of the new members.

It’s quite a difference from many others in terms of the lead-generation. There is never the use of the practices like the members are encouraged for going out to sell services to friends as well as family, rather the 8FDL members follow the practices of going with the online leads that are available with only the people who hold interest with the product. There is also a policy with the 8FDL where it recruits all the new members. This is done with the help of the sending of marketing emails as well as the use of the phone calls and texts that are only done to the potential clients. There are exceptional work schedules that are done only for the clients.

  • compensation scale that is complex

this is something that proves to be a bit tricky. There are many levels as well as the packages that are variable in the amounts where the members can go for making per sale based off which is done on et basis of the initial packages that are purchased. The grant that is given to the members is in the form of the 100% sales commission.

The compensation is multi-level and is also based on the 100% commission that can be done with the products that range from $2-22k and thus the platform becomes easy with some members who are always with the idea of increasing the incomes. This is something that proves to be the best.

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