UPDATED: June 7, 2018

There are many apps in the world today that claim to be the dating sites where the potential partners are joined together and they need a subscription fee. Many of them will start by asking for your contacts especially the phone number or the email address. Later you find out that your email has been used to subscribe to numerous adverts that just fill your inbox and your phone number used to subscribe to the news updates or so that consumes your credit every time you top up. The worst part is to find the site that told you to pay the subscription fee before you are directed to the dating site, after paying you are directed to the website that is a pornographic site. You begin wondering is pornography the partner were looking for? It also sounds insults when you want a partner and you are directed to the website to watch porn is like they say if you can seduce watch porn and sleep.

dating sites

Your intention in the first place was to find or get hooked up to the right partner you were searching for but now you find yourself in vast problems that you can withdraw from. Don’t go through all these troubles that won’t help you with anything but make you bankrupt and a subject to receiving their bunch of adverts. Come today and find your partner on Gratis dating app. Just download it and start looking you best partner among the thousands of individuals you are looking for. Our up has updated features and communication is effective and sending messages takes only seconds. Your internet connection might be low but sending messages is effective.

The messages you will be sending on this app can’t be read with any third party but only the partner you intended to receive to receive your messages thus communication on Gratis dating app is more confidential. Your personal contacts are also not shared with anyone and they are confidential thus we don’t ask you to provide us with them during registration because we feel they are secure with you.

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