Robotic Window Glass

UPDATED: September 4, 2018

Cleaning the window easy not an easy job either it is outdoor or indoor. Some windows in house are really difficult to access. In this case it becomes really a burden to maintain clean window. But no need to worry, development in technology has gifted great inventions like window cleaning robots which can make our job easy.

Using these window cleaning robots, it is possible to clean windows from edge to edge. They even alert you with signals when the job is done.

Robotic window glass cleaner work based on automated movement and it also involves window cleaning technology. The technology in them even involves suction which is motor powered. First they stuck to window and start cleaning it automatically from edge to edge.

With all the technology in it, robotic cleaner cleans the window by reaching the areas which are otherwise out of reach and really high. This is the reason using these cleaners it is possible to clean almost all types of windows. Even though majority of the window cleaning robots come with common features, some of the functions may be different to each cleaner. This may vary based on height restrictions, cleaning methods, and may be some extra features.

What to look for in a window cleaner robot??

The main thing one must look in robotic window glass cleaner is the surface which it is capable of cleaning at once. Other main thing is choosing between an automated cleaner and the one with remote control. One more thing which people look for is how long they want the cleaner to work between the charges. That is nothing but the battery capacity of the cleaner. Lets look into some of the important features to look for

Battery life:

Majority of the commonly available cleaning robots have short battery life. Usually they are capable to clean 10 windows when chargedfully. Based on the model, the battery life usually rages from 10- 15 minutes. Based on your requirement, that is number of windows in your home choose the battery life. One must understand that batteries with longer life usually cost more.


Among robot window cleaners there are two main types

  • Motor powered suction
  • Magnetic connectivity

In case of magnetic connectivity technology, there will be two pieces and one must attach the other piece on opposite of window when working. This may look difficult in some cases. That is why people prefer cleaners which come with motor powered suction. This is really convenient. Just place the robot cleaner on the window and it does its job.

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