Pendant Lights: How to Hung them Properly to Avoid Mistakes

PUBLISHED: June 12, 2018

The classy style and aesthetic of contemporary lights, especially a pendant type influence the space and give it character.

A pendant is these days prominent choice since it acts as an interior design while presenting illumination. Likewise, it can highlight an artworks focal point. Therefore, one can agree that the pendant lights have an innate beauty that can be improved the overall appeal of a house.

Because of the striking and exceptional features of such type, more people are visiting www.modern.place to know about the items which can satisfy their needs while meeting their preferences and home’s style. Yes, a pendant light is satisfactory in various aspects. But hanging it wrong can make the whole place’s appearance into an ugly one. So how should the pendant lighting fixtures be hung?

Light Projection


It’s the HEIGHT that counts!

Estimating the correct heights can introduce a balance and symmetrical output. Check the ceiling height and underneath to determine whether the lighting’s height is enough to be suspended above furniture. Make sure it’s positioned high enough (almost unreachable, if possible).

Light Projection

While the size of pendant is superb and exceptional, it can somehow leave an impact on the light it will cast. Pendants that have greater diameter cast wider light compared to those that have a smaller diameter. In addition,  the lower you suspend the light, the shallower the illumination will be. This, of course, affects the brightness of a room.

A word of advice. Be imaginative and try different positions at varying heights to determine what area looks good and what looks bad. Make sure to consult and work with a qualified electrician to manage the electrical circuits and systems around the house and to prevent fires and electrocution. Keep in mind that carrying electrical-related activity can be hazardous. When you lack experience, skills, and knowledge, it’s safe to work with professionals instead.

Sturdiness of ceiling and walls

After you’ve finally shopped for the best pendant lights and pick the suitable place, examine the sturdiness of your wall or ceiling – after all, you don’t want any accident to happen at unexpected situations. Watch out for signs of cracks and crevices. Notice any entryways for termites or insects and make sure to seal them immediately before they leave a huge gap.

As you see here, hanging a pendant light isn’t just a simple activity. Once you’ve made a mistake, you’ll likely create a threat to the safety of the people and the interiors. When in doubt, consult professionals. They can share their expertise thru personal assistance or sound advice that can give you and everyone else a peace of mind.

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