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UPDATED: October 16, 2018

Normally women are very emotional and very sensitive when compared to men, even a small gift will make them feel happy. We have to list the gift ideas of women in below category , to whom you are going to present the gift , then selection  is easy .Because mom, life partner, Girl friend, daughter and any other lady whom you knows all comes under the category of women. Select the gift which will be appreciated by them where the cost does not matters here and beyond the gift they have to understand the love ,affection and effort towards them.

Tips to choose the gift

Tips to choose the gift

  • Choose the gift according to her occupation and also the occasion(For example whether you are going to present the gift for anniversary or for birthday party like that).
  • The type of gift which you are presenting should impress them. According to her favorite color or the thing which she loves the most can be her gift .
  • Based on her hobby or interest present a gift.
  • If you know her favorite writer or painter or speaker or singer , their books , paintings ,lectures and songs will be their best gift.
  • If she is a movie lover then present movie night basket which she will be enjoyed a lot.
  • If you are presenting a gift for your mom ,choose the gift to recollect all her good memories from her younger age to till.

Category based gift ideas

  • If she is fashion obsessed then you can choose clothes , jeweler , shoes or any make over things.
  • If she is over health conscious then calorie counting, cookbook and measuring scale are more important .
  • For makeup Queens ,you can buy a makeup pouch that includes mascara, compact, lip balm and lipstick which a great gift who always needs a touch up. Even you can buy a gift card from the certified salon for her manicure and pedicure.
  • There are some women who has everything, surprise them with some traditional gifts.

These are some of the common gift ideas for women to surprise them and express your love.

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