Logan Sekulow: Why Learn From The Master?

UPDATED: July 26, 2018

It has been the dream of many to actually start with animation and the entertainment industry. But for them to be successful and actually have a shot out there, it’s important to know the specifics of the entire thing. Finding the right place for you to start won’t be as easy. There will be a variety of obstacles. One of the most important things you’ll need is the right mentor.

In this department, Logan Sekulow and his studio will be the most recommended option. He worked for some of the biggest studios around the world. And with his knowledge, skill, and abilities, he would be able to guide others. He recently created and rebranded Laugh-O-Gram. The studio serves as a new beacon of hope for many individuals. Aspiring artists, animators, and filmmakers can also benefit from this.

His experience and expertise. Before establishing or re-establishing the Laugh-O-Gram studio, he worked for some of the biggest animation studios there is. With the experience he’s gained and the fundamentals he was able to acquire, he is more than capable of opening up his own studio. The experience he currently has will be a good reference for those who wish to start learning.

Logan Sekulow and his studio

Easy-to-understand tips. He also started a blog where most people can learn the different techniques that are required for their success. Some people are actually thinking of ways to know more about the world and the entire industry. The guidelines that Sekulow provides himself will be a useful tool. And the knowledge that you’re able to gain can be a good addition to future tools and things that will help

Comprehensive podcasts. Some of the shows are created in the form of podcasts. He currently has three. And the other one has over a thousand episodes. If you’re thinking of learning or listening, then you better get started since there will be a lot of catching up that you need to do. It’s also a good form or source of entertainment.

Hands-on experience. There are different things that you’ll learn and experience, especially when you’re in the studio. Of course, there are other places and areas where you can build your experience and knowledge. But being in the actual scene and learning from people who have been doing these for quite some time will also help you learn a lot. For that reason, this is something that many individuals should try and consider.

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