How to Know if You Are Ready For A Relationship

UPDATED: June 2, 2018

For a relationship to thrive, you should know at the onset that you are ready for it. As an individual, you have to realize that the most important relationship that you will ever have is your relationship with yourself.  How you feel about your body and mind will set the stage for all outside relationships. To put it simply, if you do not love yourself, it would be harder to give and receive love in return.

Before starting a relationship, you know in yourself that you are enough to sustain other forms of relationship. Here are the signs on how to know if you are ready for a relationship:

starting a relationship

You will not settle for conditional love

When you won’t settle for conditional love, you will realize that you deserve a more profound type of love.

You complete yourself

You will know if you are ready if you do not need other relationship to feel good or happy. If you see yourself worthy, you will come to realize that you do not need other people to complete you. When you are ready, you are looking for a relationship to deepen your growth not fill your emptiness.

You are not afraid to be alone

If you know in yourself that you do not need other people to complete you, it means that you are not afraid to be alone. Even in silence, you are comfortable just the way it is. You can be with yourself without needing other people.

You have tossed your list

You are ready if you have tossed your list. It is normal starting a relationship with a set of expectations but you have to understand that these expectations are superficial. When you are ready, you just explore your options.

You are okay being single

If you are okay being single (not in a defeated way), you are ready. It is more about discovering more of yourself while you are single. You do not allow yourself to be unhappy because you are single.

You are over your previous relationship

Before diving right into another relationship, you should know for yourself that you are way over your previous relationship. Breakups are painful but jumping from one relationship to another without resting can be exhausting and unsatisfying at the end of the day. If you think about your ex with understanding and compassion, you are definitely over him.

You are incorporating your partner in your daily life

You go on a date to meet potential partners. If you see partners, that is the time that you build a lasting and loving relationship. If you are not ready, you see things fleetingly. If you are ready, you will build memories. You build memories by incorporating your partner in your daily life.

You are ready to take a risk

If you are truly ready, you acknowledge the risks but accept it. This is because you know that deep down inside, you are ready for whatever is in store for you. There should be nothing that holds you back.

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