UPDATED: June 8, 2018

It’s been a serious debate for a lot of people if polygraph machines really work? Does it really solve crimes and detect a person who is deceiving an investigator? Well, there are tons of questions that surface about polygraph machines or lie detector tests since it was first used in the mid 1930’s to solve a crime.

Lie detectors or polygraph tests is a scientific instrument mainly used for questioning and interrogating a person subject for questioning by using the technology that detects a person’s sudden physiological functions to determine if that person tells the truth or tells a lie. The instrument has several straps that is attached to a person’s body particularly in the pulse areas and the chest to easily detect any sudden change of the person’s heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and even perspiration and sudden body movement and body language during the questioning.

Investigators determine their verdict if a person is lying if there is a response conflict or a major change in the graphs of the instruments attached to the person.

polygraph tests

The most common question people ask is how accurate polygraph testing is? Just like other sceptics I also once asked the same questions as to its accuracy, its effectiveness and does it already solve a crime and put a criminal behind bars? These are just a few of the many questions about the reliability of polygraph test.

However, a lot of experts believe that although polygraph tests or lie detector tests are not a hundred percent accurate, but they claimed that it has a high accuracy level but the overall result of lie detector tests is just considered as supporting evidence against a criminal and not the basis of the final verdict and judgement in the criminal courts of the United States, United Kingdom and majority of the European countries.

Although United Kingdom does not recognize it, there are probation officers there that use this method available at liedetectortest.uk in monitoring sex offenders who are in their custody and subject for investigation. What human rights advocates concern about the accuracy of polygraph test because people who are involved in crime and other issues can often be emotional and this is a huge factor that might affect the result of the polygraph test. People can be fearful, angry and manifests different kinds of emotion during the questioning that is why there are tons of questions and skepticism about polygraph test.

Adding insult to injury is that a lot of people who experienced polygraph test that they were able to come up with tips in cheating the system by taking certain medications particularly sedatives to relax the entire body and some use antiperspirant deodorants to keep them from sweating so that they’ll pass the test with ease.

Accurate results according to experts that studies the effectiveness and accuracy of polygraph and lie detector tests lies in the hands of the watchful eyes and skills of the technician by reading the physiological activities of the person during the questioning.

The bottom line is that the justice systems in countries that still uses this method is to practice other effective ways to come up with concrete evidences and proof. However, if there’s a requirement for a person to undergo polygraph test don’t hesitate to click on this link liedetectortest.uk.

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