Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Properties A Destination to Your Dream Home

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UPDATED: July 26, 2018

Investing in or purchasing a property is one of the biggest decision in life because a majority of us invest our life’s entire income so that we can purchase our dream home. If you are looking for your dream home then Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen properties is the residential area where you can find the home you always dreamed of? Fourth Avenue Residences is a residential area which is situated at Bukit Timah Road near Sixth Avenue MRT station which is developed by Allgreen properties. Fourth Avenue residences is situated near numerous prestigious schools and colleges and it is situated just next to the famous Sixth Avenue MRT station.

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What makes Fourth Avenue Residences special?

Some of the factors which make Fourth Avenue Residences a perfect option for your dream home are:

  • Educational Institutions: Fourth Avenue Residences is situated near to various prestigious educational institutions so if you are a family person then Fourth Avenue Residences is appropriate for you. You can enroll your child in a school or a college which is closer to your home so that you and your children do not face any traveling issues.
  • Shopping complex: Shopping complex are in the vicinity of Fourth Avenue Residences so that you can enjoy a comfortable and unique lifestyle. Your day to day needs can be easily met by the nearby market and shopping areas.
  • MRT station: The best feature provided by the Fourth Avenue Residences remains in the fact that it is situated in the vicinity of the Sixth Avenue MRT station which makes Fourth Avenue Residences the perfect choice for the individuals who have to travel to work every day. The MRT station is at a walkable distance from the Fourth Avenue Residences and you have an easy access to public transportation.
  • Natural Attractions: Fourth Avenue Residences with its lavish and luxurious lifestyle also offers natural experience. Fourth Avenue Residences is near to the famous Bukit Timah natural reserve and Singapore Botanic Garden which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can visit both of these natural landscapes to get closer to the other nature.

Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen properties will bestow you with a lavish and unique lifestyle and will provide you with a dream home you always imagined. Fourth Avenue Residences is situated perfectly so that all your day to day needs are met easily and efficiently.

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