Easy ways to find the public IP address

UPDATED: June 20, 2018

Let’s know about the internet protocol

Are you using any device which is connected to internet? Then you might have heard about ip address. This IP address is a great and captivating product of the present and modern computer technology which allows the computer to get connected to internet. This gives the location of many devices almost billions of devices which are connected to the internet and differentiates from all other devices. If someone wants to send a mail to your computer, they need your ip address to get communicated with your computer. An internet protocol is set of rules which will govern internet activity and it also facilitates completion of many actions on the world wide web.

Consequently, an Internet Protocol address is the part of the methodically laid out interconnected grid which will administer online communication by the identification of internet destinations and imitating devices. This is how two-way communication is achievable.

Public internet protocol

Public internet protocol

When the computer is connected to the gateway of internet, public ip address is assigned to the computer by the ISP, Internet service provider. This public ip address is either dynamic or static. When used for hosting webpages or the services on the web or internet generally static type of public ip address is used because it is stable that means is it does not change. The public internet protocol address is assigned by the internet service provider and the number of this ip address ranges from 1 to 191 in the first octet.

How to find the public ip address

The question which arises when you are surfing or browsing on the internet is that what is my public ip. For any publicly accessible network hardware, this public ip addresses will be useful and required. For example, like your home router and the server which will host the websites. The number of ip addresses which are public varies for both types of ip, IPv4 and IPv6. This ip address which is designated for the public domain is called as the public IP address. This is how public ip is found

  • Click on start menu, type cmd
  • In the cmd applications, press enter
  • In the command line, type ipconfig
  • Look for your IPv4 address.

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