Common Window Washing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

PUBLISHED: September 5, 2018

Washing windows is the most ignored task in the household because it is a tedious chore – you need to ensure that there are no streaks and you need to reach as high as you can. Some people just leave the cleaning to the expert while others consider meilleur robot lave vitre – a window-cleaning robot designed to clean all types of windows.

If you are thinking of the cost, you should learn how to clean windows correctly. The first thing that you should do is to invest in things like glass cleaner and microfiber cloth. As soon as you secured things, you are ready to clean the windows. Here’s how:
• You should sweep the dust from the window, frame, and screen using a vacuum or brush. Sweeping is important because it can prevent the dirt from turning into a mess when mixed with the cleaner.
• The next thing to do is to spray the window with a glass cleaner.
• After spraying, you can start to wipe one side of the glass horizontally and the other vertically using your microfiber cloth. Wiping horizontally and vertically will help you determine if there are any streaks forming.
• Repeat this until you have covered the entire window.

However, there are common window washing mistakes that you need to avoid. In fact, some of these mistakes unknowingly committed. Note these mistakes first for effective window cleaning:

Choosing a sunny day

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Many people believe that cleaning the window is perfect when it is sunny. Whether you are considering a professional window cleaner or not, choosing a sunny day to clean your windows is impractical. This is because the glass cleaner will dry unto the hot windows and before you wipe it off, it will leave stubborn streaks.

The best day is a cloudy day. However, if the sun is out and you want to clean, you should at least start with the windows on the shady part of your house.

Not dusting the sills first

As mentioned earlier, it is important that you dust first the window because it can create a muddy-like mess. Do not forget to vacuum the sills and frame first before wiping.  Cleaning a muddy-like mess is time-consuming and tiring. Avoid it.

Not using enough window cleaner

When you are spraying your windows with a cleaner, do not be afraid to spritz a generous amount especially if you see that they are extra dirty. Cleaners are important because they can dissolve as well as suspend the dirt. Spare and you will see streaks.

Using newspaper to dry

Some people use newspaper to facilitate easy drying of the windows. Using newspaper is passé. It is messy and ineffective now. What you can do is to consider microfiber cloths. These cloths are super absorbent and they will leave the glass shiny. With patience, microfiber will leave your glass streak-free.

If you prefer a paper towel instead of a microfiber cloth, you should at least select one that is up for the task. You do not want to clean with a paper towel that separates or leaves lint on the glass.

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