Best Air Compressor Desiccant Dryer

PUBLISHED: November 14, 2018

What do you mean by desiccant dryer?

A desiccant dryer is that air dryer which is made of a hygroscopic substance used as the best drying agent. It is applicable in compressed air system where air passes through a container filled with a water-absorbing desiccant material such as activated carbon, activated alumina, silica gel or other material. When this water vapor sticks to the desiccant material it makes it saturated and that’s the time for its replacement with new material. Although there are many types of desiccant dryers for choosing the best air compressor desiccant dryer needs some research work.

Best Types of Air Compressor Desiccant Dryers

The desiccant dryers are always the wonderful type of air dryers that work in any season. They are not affected by cold temperatures when the dew point is reduced as the refrigerated dryers do. They are capable to filter moisture even in the temperatures as cold such as -100 degrees Fahrenheit. Take your own decision to choose the best depending on the application from the different types of desiccant dryers available in the market that works perfectly.

Activated Carbon Desiccant Dryer

  1. Activated Carbon Desiccant Dryer: It is very effective and resilient material. This material surface is very porous and is capable of holding any impurity that touches its surface. Activated carbon has more resilient properties than silica gel which makes it regenerated and reusable than continuous replacement. Built with two towers activated carbon and the other a desiccant dryer desiccant dryer regenerates one tower and the other is used to absorb the incoming moisture. This cycle repeats continuously and is thus the most reliable desiccant dryer.
  2. Silica Gel Desiccant Dryer:It is the most commonly used desiccant dryer and it comes in packaging of little paper pouches. When the incoming air passes through it the moisture sticks on its surface and the process is called as adsorption. When this silica gel desiccant dryer becomes saturated its color changes it is the indication for replacement.
  3. Activated Alumina Desiccant Dryer:This type of dryer is made of aluminum oxide material which consists of pores for drying the liquid and air in the compressor. This air compressor desiccant dryer can be heated to reactivate adsorption.


The best air compressor desiccant dryer is that they are available in different forms which meet the needs of the user for application purpose. They are useful to absorb the water content in the container and keep the air compressor dry and if saturated are replaceable or what we call is regenerated for further use. Choose the best from the above-mentioned desiccant dryers.

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